Welcome to the Structual Control, Monitoring & Modeling (SCMM) Labolatory

Akira NISHITANI Profile

Professor of Structural Engineering for Architecture

Ph.D, Columbia University, 1980

M.S., Waseda University, 1975

B.S., Waseda University, 1973

Department of Architecture, Waseda University

3-4-1 Okubo, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-8555 Japan 55N-09-05A


During the last couple of decades, the design strategy of building structures has been significantly improved incorporating the concept of control.The purpose of the SCMM Laboratory is to establish the design strategies for smart, intelligent and innovative structural systems integrating modern and advanced technologies. Such structural systems are expected to play one of the major roles at the stage of modern structural and earthquake engineering in the 21st century, sophisticatedly enhancing the structural safety during severe seismic and strong wind events. To achieve the above purpose, in the SCMM Laboratory, smart and autonomous structural control and monitoring systems are dealt with and smart and effective modeling strategies are also focused on.